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Accounting Processes

Accounting processes are very important stages for businesses, including ensuring income – expense balance and making cost analyses in making possible investment decisions. The mistakes that many businesses make at the point of these processes initially make the loss inevitable and in the long run may cause the company to face financial and legal problems.

As Bordrox, we support you with a professional perspective in order to minimize potential risks and losses while providing you with effective solutions in your accounting processes.

Thanks to our team’s dominance in accounting records and legal processes, we are making effective efforts to eliminate potential risks. So, what is the scope of the services we offer you? What does account process consulting provide for you?

Accounting Process Consulting

When considering your company’s records that need to be accounted for, we provide you with effective solutions on the following points regarding other accounting related processes;

  • We carry out financial analysis that is the sine qua non of profitability,
  • We prepare the accounting records of your business in accordance with the uniform accounting plan.,
  • We ensure that the accounting-related organization is established and managed flawlessly,
  • Purchasing, expense, sales invoices and cash, bank, current account transactions that are raised during the company’s activities are accounted for,
  • We closely follow the tax legislation and check the accounting records in accordance with the legal standards,
  • We prepare your statements that need to be arranged in various periods such as balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement.,
  • We monitor the preparation, recording and accrual of tax returns during their legal time,
  • We carry out the preparation of SGK declarations and the receipt of accruals,
  • We prepare the annual reports that should be sent to the relevant institutions and send them to the relevant institution,
  • We provide the most revealing answers to all the questions and problems that come from you and are related to accounting,
  • We inform you about changes in financial legislation,
  • We support reducing the workload within the company through payroll services.

We support you with the above services and a constantly renewing perspective for you to achieve much more.

Why Should You Choose Us?

While we consider it our top priority to support you in all matters related to accounting processes, we minimize the risks you may encounter. Under the leadership of our experts who have been serving in accounting for many years and who have performed their work fondly, we provide not only process tracking but also the establishment of control and auditing mechanism.

By integrating our point of view, which adds value to your business by constantly renewing itself rather than a static service, with your company profile, we engage our experts to your advantage as if they are part of your team. Moreover, by doing our part in transparency and accountability, we do not ignore the possibility of errors in accounting.

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