Family Hike (Help):

If the insured does not work in a way that requires the insured to be compulsory insured under the Law, and if the insured does not receive the income from the Authority or monthly, without paying attention to the fact that the payments to be made under the name of the family hike to the insured under the name of the family hike shall continue without the fact that the contractual service is in effect, 10% of the monthly minimum wage determined for the 16 years old; The amount u will not be taken into account in calculating the earnings based on monthly premiums. In this case, the amount to be included in the premium income from the payments made under the name of the family hike; Gross Monthly Minimum Wage X 10% = Exception Amount, Paid Family Hike - Exemption Amount = Prime The Family Hike to be Included in the Winning will be calculated using the formula.

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