It is the type of company that is established to operate a commercial enterprise under a trade name, whose capital is certain and divided into shares, and is liable for its assets due to its debts.

It is established in two ways as sudden and gradual. It is called et abrupt organization için by the founding partners to undertake to pay the full share of the share capital, the founder partners undertaking to pay a portion of the share capital, and the rest for the public. It has a wide range of activities with all kinds of economic and commercial activities. However, this activity must be included in the company contract. It can be established between natural persons, legal entities or natural and legal persons. Except for the ones established by special law, minimum 50.000 YTL shall be established with capital and at least 5 partners. The company is responsible for the 1st degree assets. The shareholders of the Company are in the second degree and they have limited capital shares and responsibilities. The management of the company is carried out by the board of directors. The members of the Board of Directors are elected from among the actual partners by the decision of the general assembly or by the agreement. The authority of representation and management of the Board of Directors is limited to the ordinary affairs related to the purpose and subject of the company. Ordinary works require the decision of the General Assembly. The following are the principles that apply to joint stock companies. Majority principle: The decisions taken by the General Assembly and the Board of Directors and the Board of Auditors are based on a majority principle. The principle of protection of the asset: When the company is established, the capital and assets are equal. When the company becomes operational, this equality is disrupted according to profit or loss. It is necessary to protect the assets because it is limited to both partners and companies against third parties. Externally authorized by a technical staff: Administration is given to technocrats, especially in large and public joint stock companies. The principle of government involvement: Joint-stock companies are audited by the government in three stages, namely in the operation and termination of the organization.

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