SGK Children Hike (Help):

Without prejudice to the fact that the service of the insured continues and the actual operation of the insured; 18 years of age, high school or equivalent education or the candidate specified in the Vocational Education Law dated 05.06.1986 and numbered 3308, who are not insured or optional insured, who are not insured or are not insured due to their insurance; If the child is 25 years of age and is married and unmarried children irrespective of the age of the unmarried children determined to be disabled by law according to the law of the two children (including two children) under the name of the child hike made under the name of children over 16 years of age determined for the minimum monthly wage The amount of 2 will not be taken into account in calculating the earnings based on monthly premiums. In this case, the amount to be included in the base income from the payments made under the name of the child hike; Gross Monthly Minimum Wage X% 2 X Number of Children (up to two children) = Exemption Amount, Paid Child Hike - Exemption Amount = Prime The Child Hike to be included in the earnings will be calculated by its formula. Income Tax Children Hike (Help): According to article 4 of Article 25 of the Income Tax Law No. 193, the child allowance is exempted from the income tax. However, the amount exceeding the amount of child benefit paid to civil servants is subject to income tax.

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