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Company Opening

With the Turkish economy performing better every day, there has been a significant increase in company opening transactions in Turkey. At this point, the need for professional support has reached serious levels. Would you like to get professional support at the company launch and ensure profitability while your company is taking the first steps yet?

Although it is technically possible for anyone who wants to open a company in Turkey to successfully terminate the processes, it is essential to have a master of the Turkish Commercial Code and related legislation in order to fully realize the legal processes. Therefore, with the services we offer to you as Bordrox, we show an understanding that not only adds value to the financial and technical aspects of the opening of the company, but also to the legal processes.

What Kind of Company Opening Are We Doing?

Although there are different situations that come to life in the minds of individuals when it comes to opening the company, we aim to do more than our part in order to add value to you. At this point, we offer you effective solutions for Limited, anonymous, personal, contact Office and other types of companies listed in the Turkish Commercial Code.

While we continue the company opening requests from you successfully from the first stage to the last stage, we make the profit situation at the maximum rate by means of cost analysis. Instead of just giving you legal advice, we support you at all stages of building a company from scratch through our multifaceted service approach.

What Are the Stages of Company Establishment?

The types of companies that real or legal persons can establish in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Code are described in detail. It is essential to evaluate in detail the types of companies laid down depending on certain conditions and to make the healthiest decisions by addressing the positive/negative aspects. In this sense, the first step to establish a company is to determine the type of company.

After the company type is determined for the company Establishment, the title and partners of the company are determined. The shares that will fall to the designated partners and how the capital will be distributed will also be considered as an important stage. Then the company’s address, director and officials are determined, and the company’s articles of association are prepared and approved by the notary public.

We offer you the fastest and most comprehensive solutions in the process that starts with the company registration process and continues with the legal ledger certification, which is the most important of the accounting processes, while following the ordinary processes up to this stage. While we prepare the elements such as invoices, cachets and licenses on behalf of you, we also give maximum importance to the details that will affect profitability.

Company Opening and Cost Analysis

In order for your company to make a strong start while taking its first steps, we do cost analyses by taking into account the costs we take into account for both company establishment and other expenses. By trying to determine profitability before you decide on your company’s behalf, we manage to take into account even the risks that may be overlooked.

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