Maternity Leave

 Maternity Leave

According to Article 74 of Labor Law No. 4857, birth and milk permits; It is essential that workers are not employed during the 16-week maternity leave, mainly 8 weeks before and 8 weeks after birth. In case of multiple pregnancies, 2 weeks is added to 8 weeks before delivery. In this case, maternity leave: 10 + 8 = 18 weeks. However, if the health condition is appropriate, it can be worked at the workplace up to 3 weeks prior to delivery with the consent of the doctor. This happens at the request of the worker. In such a case, the periods worked are added to the permits after birth. During pregnancy, the employee is given a paid leave for periodic checks. Upon request, the worker is granted a free leave of up to 6 months in addition to a paid leave of 16 weeks (18 weeks in case of multiple pregnancies). This period is not taken into account in the annual leave account. However, after birth, workers are given 1.5 hours of milk leave per day to breastfeed their children under 1 year of age. The worker decides the time between which this time will be divided and how much. These periods are counted from the daily working time. The only obligation of employers in the birth leave process is to notify the SSI of the health report received by the worker. There is no need to pay fees and premiums in this process. However, if the employer so wishes, he / she may pay the whole or part of his / her wage to the worker during this period. This can be done as a grant or as a loan. There is no legal obligation or prohibition on this matter. It is completely dependent on the agreement of the employer and the employer. At the end of the maternity leave, the worker can apply to SSI and receive the payment for the relevant period. This payment is about two-thirds of the fee.

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