Article 12 of the Regulation on Social Security Transactions, Article 30 of the month of the month, or less than 30 days of the employees working in the insurance and the documents related to the insured were counted and the veya Missing Days Notification Form asında to be added to the relevant Social Security Center during the time it should be given.
In Payments records undan which indicate the work of the insured are one of the documents listed in the paragraph. In the previous regulation, the condition of the employer or the insured is sought in these records; Therefore. It is sufficient and necessary to have the signatures of the insured only in the l Scorecard records Dolayısıyla. On the other hand, with the amendment made in article 14 of the same article, if the private sector employers have 10 or more insured employees, there is no need for the missing day notification form to be valid as of 21.08.2013 when the amendment of the Regulation is made, instead of the monthly premium and service reasons of missing day notification. will be enough to show in the document.

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