It is explained in the article 41 of the Law no. 5510 that the insureds can provide service indebtedness. With the amendment made to the Regulation, these issues are clarified and accordingly; Military service periods, Doctoral degree without medical insurance The duration of the internship, without being insured, The duration of the doctors' honorary assistantships and Students who have completed their education abroad by completing their education abroad and who have completed their compulsory service period, who have completed their education period as an official student abroad after the completion of 18 years of age, In case of borrowing, the start date of insurance will be taken back to the number of days charged and the number of premium payment days and the earnings based on the premium will be paid to the months of borrowing. (This application is effective from 21.08.2013.) In this case, borrowing cannot be made due to the deliveries made before being insured, so it will not be possible to take back the insurance start date.

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