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What Are Social Security Incentives? Who Can Benefit?

Social Security Agency incentives are a kind of support provided by employers to contribute to employment and to employ more workers. SSI incentives, which can be considered both to reduce unemployment rate and to increase social welfare, have been enacted with different incentive laws. It is offered as support to employers who provide the conditions.

There are many Social Security Institution incentives that employers can benefit from by 2020.

SSI Incentives and Types

It is aimed to reduce unemployment rates by providing additional employment by employers with SSI incentives. The popular SSI incentives, which are expected to lead to serious reductions in the unemployment rate in the long term, are as follows.

    • Promotion of On-The-Job Training Program No. 6645
    • Young Employment Promotion No. 6111
    • Additional Employment Incentive No. 7103
    • Unemployment Employment No. 15921
    • R & D promotion No. 5746
    • 16322/25510 Investment Document Incentive
    • Social Support Promotion No. 6704
    • Vocational Qualification Promotion No. 5544
    • Regional Discount Incentive No. 6486
    • Promotion of Employment of Persons with Disabilities No. 14857
    • Most Popular Social Security Incentive

    6111 Additional Employment Incentives

    The first and most widespread thing we can think of is 6111 Additional Employment Incentive. Within the scope of this incentive, which was accepted and put into effect on 13.02.2011, it was aimed to increase the participation in the labor force, especially women and youth, to increase employment rates and to support new employment opportunities.

This incentive is supported by the unemployment fund.Incentive numbered 6111, which came into force in 2011; It will continue until 31.12.2020. Under an arrangement issued in 2018, the right to benefit from retrospective incentives has also been introduced.

Who are SSI incentives for?

You can gain serious benefits by taking advantage of discounts and exemptions for additional employment. Incentives are very important for employers in terms of cost.

Social Security Institution Incentives and Advantages

It comes to the fore with some advantages, especially 6111, 687 and 5510.;
  • Reducing worker costs by employers,
  • Providing serious decreases in unemployment rates by employing more workers thanks to incentives,
  • Within the scope of incentives and supports, the opportunity of workers to find a job increases.
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