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Employment Promotion with Disabilities No. 14857

The Employment Incentive with Disabilities Act 14857 is an incentive provided by the state to employers in order to employ disabled citizens in their workplaces. The main purpose of Employment Incentive for Disabled Persons No. 14857 is to alleviate the financial burdens of employers. In addition to this, disabled citizens are employed to earn their own income and to be useful individuals to the society is provided. According to the labour law, businesses with 50 people and over employees must employ disabled workers compared to 3% of the number of employees. Employers who have more than one workplace in different locations within the same province are obliged to employ disabled workers based on the total number of workers.

Scope of Employment Promotion with Disabilities No. 14857

We mentioned that employers receive discounts and incentives related to disabled workers employed in the scope of Disability Employment Promotion No. 14857. Companies operating in the private sector in the scope of Employment Promotion with disabilities No. 14857, all shares of the insurance premium calculated over the lower limit of the premium determined by the insurance of disabled citizens are covered by the state. In addition, businesses can employ more disabled people than the quota of disabled employees. Although they are not so liable if more than the quota disabled run disabled the employer from running on the basis of the premium for each disabled employee over the lower earnings limit for the insurance premium shall be borne by the entire state of. Thanks to this support and payments, both businesses can be financially more comfortable and employment rates of disabled citizens can be increased.

What Are the Conditions of Employment Promotion For Disabled Persons No. 14857?

Every incentive and discount that the state offers employers to be able to relax financially and employ more people has certain conditions. In this context, there are also certain conditions of Employment Incentive for Disabled Persons No. 14857. We can explain these conditions as follows.

  • Employers must give the monthly premium and service certificates of all their employees to the Social Security Institution within the period specified in the law.
  • Employers are required to pay their insurance premiums on the day and in full.
  • The employer is not required to employ uninsured workers. various legal sanctions will be imposed on the employer, which is understood to employ uninsured workers, both for employing uninsured workers and for receiving unduly government incentives.

Who Can Not Benefit from Employment Incentives with Disabilities No. 14857?

There are workers and employers who cannot benefit from the Employment Incentive with Disabilities No 14857. Workers who cannot benefit from the Employment Incentive with Disabilities No 14857.

  • Students, apprentices, prospective apprentices,
  • Insured persons working abroad,
  • Insured persons working under SGDP,
  • People working in underwater and underground workplaces.
  • Employers who do not benefit from the Employment Incentive with Disabilities No 14857.
  • Public Enterprises
  • More than 50% of its capital is in the form of publicly owned enterprises.

How to Benefit from Disability Employment Incentive No. 14857?

If you are not one of the above mentioned enterprises and you are fulfilling the requirements of the Employment Incentive for Persons with disabilities No. 14857, you can benefit from the employment incentive offered by the state for your business. It is worth reminding that the number of employees must be 50 and above in order to benefit from this incentive. As much as 3% of the number of employees working in your business, you can employ disabled staff, or you can employ disabled staff over this ratio.

We provide you with the necessary consultancy and service to benefit from the Employment Incentive with the disabled number 14857. In line with the technological facilities and programs we have developed, we prepare the necessary documents and reports for your business to apply for the incentive within a period of time and make your application to employment incentive for Disabled Persons No. 14857 and provide you to receive the incentive quickly. You can contact us for detailed information on Employment Promotion for Disabled Persons No. 14857.

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