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Incentive Discount Transactions

Unemployment Employment No. 15921

With unemployment employment number 15921, arrangements were made that provide serious employment opportunities for workers who cannot work for certain periods of time by receiving unemployment benefits. By taking on more salary from the unemployment insurance fund the unemployment rate for individuals and family living in both reducing unemployment to increase the level of prosperity of a burden to the Treasury by employers with the aim of lowering the unemployment 15921 implemented a very positive impact in terms of employment, has. Let’s take a closer look at this employment incentive, which will have a positive impact on unemployment figures in the long term!

What Is Unemployment Employment No. 15921?

According to law No. 5921, which was introduced in August 2009, businesses can benefit from the bonus incentive provided that the worker they hire is receiving unemployment benefits. In this employment incentive, where some additional conditions are demanded as well as the basic condition, the main purpose is for employers to choose workers who receive unemployment benefits. In this way, while the burden on the Treasury with unemployment benefits decreases, employment increases and a win-win situation arise.

Unemployment Employment Conditions No. 15921

Unemployment number 15921 under employment, the worker and the employer must meet certain conditions jointly. When the following conditions are met, the employer is entitled to receive premium support in the context of unemployment employment No. 15921.

  • The insured person must have been hired after October 1, 2009,
  • The insured employee must be receiving or entitled to unemployment benefits on the date of entry into work.,
  • The person must have been employed in addition to the average number of workers employed by the employer in the last 6 months before the date of employment as insured.,
  • The worker who is eligible for unemployment benefits must not have worked at any other job than the one he last worked at.,
  • Law No. 15921 should be selected as the law to be used when making applications,
  • There should be no shortage of applications to be made before SSI and The Employment Agency.

In the event that these conditions are met, the employer receives premium support in certain amounts for the worker he or she will employ.

What Is the Amount To Be Used In The Scope Of Unemployment Employment Numbered 15921?

Employers wishing to benefit from incentives within the scope of unemployment employment No. 15921, in cases where they meet the above requirements, Act No. 5510, 82. 1 percentage point portion of the short – term insurance arm Premium-The whole of the disability, old age and death insurance premium and the whole of the general health insurance premium are covered by the Unemployment Insurance Fund.

Unemployment Employment No. 15921, which is accepted as a serious incentive for employers; while unemployment rates dropped seriously, it also strengthened employers’ desire to employ workers. When determining the duration of the incentives provided to the employers, the determinant of the unemployment benefit that the worker received earlier is. To explain this incentive, which continues during the Unemployment Allowance, with a case study; If the X person hired while benefiting from the Unemployment Allowance is able to receive 5 months more, the incentive offered to the employer will continue for another 5 months. When the Unemployment Allowance expires, the incentive under Unemployment Employment No. 15921 will also expire. For this reason, it is not possible to apply for Unemployment Employment No. 15921 for the workers who have not received the Unemployment Benefit or who have expired. Similarly, the resumption of the employee at the workplace where he left will prevent the benefit of this incentive. With this regulation, employers are prevented from firing and re-employing their employees in order to benefit from the incentive.

This post is also available in: Türkçe (Turkish) English

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