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INCENTIVE NO 16322/25510

Incentive Discount Transactions

16322 / 25510 Investment Document Incentive

16322 / 25510 Investment Certificate incentive is one of the incentives provided by the state to enterprises. On 15 June 2012, the scope, objectives and conditions of the investment certificate incentive were clearly determined by the Council of Ministers. The incentive, which can be called the investment incentive certificate or investment certificate incentive, is the support provided to investors in the areas such as building construction expenditures and various purchases of machinery and equipment. Investment incentives in our country consist of 6 different regions. Different support applications are carried out according to the characteristics of the investors in these regions.

16322 / 25510 Who Can Not Benefit from The Investment Certificate Incentive?

As with every government incentive, we can mention the existence of companies and organizations that do not benefit from the Investment Certificate incentive of 16322 / 25510.

Accordingly, we can explain the investors who do not benefit from the Investment Certificate incentive 16322 / 25510 as follows.

  • Projects not yet completed,
  • Investments that are incomplete or have some characteristics that need to be developed in terms of the sector,
  • 16322 / 25510 investments where the date of application for promotion of Document Certificate is omitted,
  • Machinery, equipment and various equipment used in the investment,
  • Printing machines other than vehicles that provide newspaper printing services,
  • Aircraft or helicopters to be used for air transport,
  • 16322 / 25510 Investment Certificate incentive is not provided for animal husbandry and food investments on issues such as trucks and safes, refrigerated safes and vans. We can also express the future of rejection if investors operating in these areas apply.

16322 / 25510 Investment Document Promotion Zones

16322 / 25510 Investment Document Incentive Zones are as follows:

1.Region 2. Region 3. Region 4. Region 5. Region 6. Region 
Ankara Adana Balıkesir Afyonkarahisar Adıyaman Ağrı
Antalya Aydın Bilecik Amasya Aksaray Ardahan
Bursa Bolu Burdur Artvin Bayburt Batman
Eskişehir Çanakkale Gaziantep Bartın Çankırı Bingöl
İstanbul Denizli Karabük Çorum Erzurum Bitlis
izmir Edirne Karaman Düzce Giresun Diyarbakır
Kocaeli İsparta Manisa Elazığ Gümüşhane Hakkari
Muğla Kayseri Mersin Erzincan K.maraş Iğdır
Kırklareli Samsun Hatay Kilis Kars
Konya Trabzon Kastamonu Niğde Mardin
Sakarya Uşak Kırıkkale Ordu Muş
Tekirdağ Zonguldak Kırşehir Osmaniye Siirt
Yalova Kütahya Sinop Şanlıurfa
Malatya Tokat Şırnak
Nevşehir Tunceli Van
Rize Yozgat

Who Can Apply for Investment Incentive Certificate?

In order to apply for the investment incentive certificate, you must have a real person, ordinary partnership or one of the capital companies. Moreover, cooperatives, business partners, government agencies, unions, special provincial administrations, municipalities, public companies, public enterprises, associations and foundations may apply to the investment incentive certificate. Applications of institutions, enterprises and organizations that do not have the mentioned qualifications are not included in the evaluation.

Documents Required for 16322/25510 Investment Certificate Incentive

16322 / 25510 Investment Certificate the necessary documents for the incentive application are as follows.

  • Application petition signed by the investor (people who have the authority to sign may also prepare),
  • Signature circular received from notary public,
  • List of machinery and equipment with signature on each page, depending on condition by institutions and organizations,
  • Receipt for payment of Application Fee,
  • Original or notarized copy of the Turkish Commercial Registry Gazette and the Turkish tradesmen and artisans Registry Gazette,
  • Document regarding no penalty for public institutions, SSI debt and administrative premium penalty,
  • The Environmental Impact Assessment positive or environmental impact assessment is not required in the form of the writings of that decision,
  • Article on investment subject, sectoral information, technical and financial analysis,
  • Notarized power of attorney if investment incentive transactions are prepared by an advisor.

They can also be requested in different documents depending on the type of investment and the sector.

16322 / 25510 Investment Certificate Promotion Support Elements

The following support elements can also be provided to investors who meet the necessary conditions.

  • VAT exemption,
  • Customs duty exemption,
  • Tax relief,
  • Premium employer and employee share support,
  • Interest support,
  • Income tax withholding support,
  • Investment location support,
  • VAT refund,

This post is also available in: Türkçe (Turkish) English

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The number of payrolls

Payroll processes of approximately 200,000+ personnel per year are managed.


Number of countries

Services are provided to domestic and foreign customers in 12 different countries.



Provides important services in the sector for more than 10 years.


Incentive exemption

a total of 1,200,000 TL incentive exemption has been provided.

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