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Incentive Discount Transactions

Vocational Qualification Promotion No. 5544

In the scope of Vocational Qualification promotion No. 5544, new regulations have been implemented in order to support the employment of Persons with professional qualification certificates. After the Ministry of family, labour and Social Services mandated the certificate of professional competence for some branches of work period, it has become very advantageous to employ people with this certificate. Premium support to employers at certain rates is required to provide certain conditions for workers to benefit from the incentive offered on the exam fee for the Certificate of Professional Competence. So, what are the conditions necessary to take advantage of the scope of Vocational Qualification promotion No. 5544?

Conditions to Benefit from Vocational Qualification Incentive No. 5544

To take advantage of the incentive, the workers to be hired must have some characteristics. Workers in this sense;

  • The person must have been unemployed under Turkish Employment Agency for the last 6 months,
  • In addition to the average of workers employed in the 6 months before the time the worker will be employed, recruitment should be made,
  • The employer needs to operate in the private sector.

For workers and employers who meet the conditions jointly, there is an opportunity to benefit from these incentives.

Vocational Qualification promotion and related regulations No. 5544

There are different situations regarding regulations No. 5544 on promotion of Professional Competence. In this sense, it will be to the employer and the employee’s advantage to examine the regulations in detail before benefiting from the incentive.

  • Under the Law No. 6111 dated 13.02.2011, the amount of the insurance premiums belonging to the employer share of the workers who have the Vocational Qualification Certificate of Vocational Eligibility can be covered from the Unemployment Insurance Fund,
  • Within the scope of KOSGEB (Small and Medium Industry Development Organization) General Support Program, the personnel accredited by the Turkish Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK); Certification support is provided to businesses that employ workers with documents issued by certification bodies. Certification institutions authorized by VQA are considered as institutions with TÜRKAK accreditation. In this sense, employers who employ workers with VQA Vocational Qualification Certificate are within the scope of this support.,
  • According to the “Ministry of National Education Regulation on Secondary Education Institutions” dated 07.09.2013 and numbered 28758, people who have Vocational Proficiency Certificate at level 4 and above; In cases where the need for teachers in secondary education institutions cannot be met, they can be assigned with the qualification of teachers together with master trainers and experts,
  • With the “Regulation on Construction Contractors and Site Supervisors and Authorized Certificated Masters” dated 27.12.2010 and numbered 27787, it is required to have VQA Professional Competence Certificate from the masters to be hired in construction and installation works,
  • The workers who will work in the professions determined within the scope of the “Regulation on Vocational Training of Those to Be Employed in Dangerous and Very Dangerous Class” numbered 28706 and dated 13.07.2013; If the VQA has a Professional Qualification Certificate, it can meet the obligation specified in accordance with the said regulation,
  • Within the context of the “Active Labor Services Regulation” dated 12.03.2013 and numbered 28585, examinations, assessment-evaluation and certification procedures must be carried out through the certification bodies authorized by VQA in the courses opened in business lines where it is possible to issue a VQA Vocational Qualification Certificate,
  • The workers to be recruited in the areas specified in the context of “Natural Gas Market Certificate Regulation” dated 25.09.2002 and numbered 24887 must have the VQA Professional Competence Certificate or the documents issued by accredited organizations.
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