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Incentive Discount Transactions

The Young Employment Incentive No. 6111 is the support that is brought by employers to employ more employees and that a portion of the SGK premium should be paid by the Treasury and Unemployment Insurance Fund. Provisional Act No. 4447 10. It means that the employer’s insurance premium, which is 34.5% for the main purpose of this incentive, should be covered by the Treasury at 5% and Unemployment Insurance Fund at 15.5%.

The Youth Employment Promotion No. 6111, which aims to improve employment numbers in Turkey and to enable more people to find jobs, can also be regarded as a support given by employers to meet their worker deficits. If both forward-looking and past-looking incentives are possible with the new regulations, it is obvious that employers will create more employment opportunities with young employment incentives No. 6111.

What Is Youth Employment Promotion No. 6111?

In order to increase the participation rates of women and young people in employment and to meet as much as possible the employment gap of employers, the young Employment Incentive No. 6111 aims to promote quality production and high performance in addition to promoting vocational and technical education. For the first time on 13.02.2011 accepted 6111 on restructuring of certain receivables with the social insurance and general health insurance law and certain other laws and decrees of the law on 74. provisional article 10 added to the law No. 4447. This incentive, regulated under the clause, has been a serious boost for employers for many years.

The employer’s share that the employer must pay from the insurance premium calculated on the principal earnings to be paid for the insured to be hired by the private sector enterprises until 31.12.20220 will be supported by the Unemployment Insurance Fund. In this way, while supporting the employer who is hesitant to hire workers, the workers will be provided with the Unemployment Insurance Fund. This support, which includes employers and workers who meet certain conditions, aims to create serious employment.

Conditions for Benefiting from Youth Employment Incentive No. 6111

Under the young Employment Promotion No. 6111, people who want to employ workers or start a business are expected to meet certain conditions. In this context, it is possible to divide the conditions to benefit from the incentive from the point of view of the employer and from the point of view of the employee.

  • Conditions to Benefit From Incentives From The Employer
  • Monthly premium and service certificates to the institution within the periods of law,
  • Payment of insurance premiums during the legal period,
  • No unregistered workers have been employed,
  • Structured or installment of premium debts,
  • Lack of debt due to premium, delay increase, delay penalty and administrative fine,
  • The insured person to be employed must be employed in addition to the average number of workers employed during the previous 6 months.
  • Conditions to Benefit From Incentives For Workers
  • The insured worker must be hired between 01.03.2011 and 31.12.20220 when the incentive starts.,
  • Must be over 18 years of age (not exceeding 29 years for men),
  • You must be unemployed in the 6 months before the start date.

In case the workers and employers meet the above conditions jointly, The Young Employment Incentive No. 6111 may be used.

Times to Benefit from Young Employment Incentive No. 6111

No 6111 within the scope of Youth Employment Promotion periods are clearly defined in the law. For this reason, the qualifications of the insured play a serious role on the benefits period.

  1. If the insured is between the ages of 18-29 or a woman older than 18 at the time of employment;
  • 48 months if you have a certificate of professional competence
  • Graduated from secondary or higher education institutions tested for vocational and technical education or completed the labour force training course organized by Turkish Employment Agency 36 months
  • If it does not meet the above requirements, it can benefit for 24 months.
  1. If the insured is a man older than 29 years of age at the date of entry into the business;
  • If he / she has a certificate of professional competence or has completed a workforce training course, he / she can benefit for 24 months.
  1. 1 and 2. If he meets the conditions in the article and is hired by Turkish Employment Agency, the insured earns an additional period of 6 months.
  2. For employees older than 18 who do not have any certificate, an additional period of 6 months is earned if there is a Turkish Employment Agency registration.

Amount to Benefit From Young Employment Incentive No. 6111

As a rule, the amount to be paid within the scope of this incentive, which will be implemented for the last time in 2020, is calculated according to the above rates. You can get detailed information for this calculation by contacting us.

Attention Will Be Paid When Benefiting from The Youth Employment Incentive No. 6111

When you receive support within the scope of Youth Employment Promotion No. 6111, you should consider the following issues. Otherwise, you are likely to be unable to benefit from support.

  • At the end of the calculation, the odd results are rounded up.
  • While the average of workers employed in the last 6 months is determined, the non-employee months do not add to the average.
  • Average of 0 is accepted for new workplaces.
  • It is counted as 1 in the employee average account that is logged in and out in the same month.
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