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Regional discount incentive No. 6486

Incentive Discount Transactions

Regional Discount Incentive No. 6486

Regional discount incentive No. 6486 is an incentive program that was published in the Official Gazette on 29 March 2013 in order to increase production and employment. Employment and discount incentives often come to light due to various problems and problems in the economy and businesses. At this point there are various incentives and discounts that the state provides to employers and workers. The regional discount incentive is one of the discounts the state provides to employers. Regional incentives, as can be understood from the name, are incentives applied to some regions. It may vary according to the commercial situation of the province. For example, in the commercially developed Istanbul, different incentives can be applied for Hakkari..

..which is at a different and lower level in commercial terms. The incentive was published as a 5-point premium under Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law No. 6486 and social insurance and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510. It is possible to benefit from discounts and incentives up to 6 points by adding Treasury support to the insurance premium of 5 points. The determination of the implementation period and the provinces to be applied for the incentive is carried out by the Council of Ministers.

How Is the Regional Discount Incentive No. 6486 Calculated?

The regional incentive is a reduction in the employers’ SSI premiums. Employers who meet the necessary incentive requirements can benefit from a 6% reduction in their SSI share.

In addition to the 5-point reduction, the Treasury discount is applied. Accordingly, the 6% discount within the scope of the incentive is calculated over the minimum wage amount of that year. For example, the discount amount for 2019 is calculated as 2.558, 40 x 6% = 153, 50 TL. In addition to this, there is a large decrease in the cost of the employer because the employee’s premium will be applied on the basis of the earnings. However, as mentioned above, it is important to note that the amount of incentives paid may vary by region.

Places Covered by Regional Discount Incentive No. 6486

According to the Council of ministers, the places covered by the regional discount incentive No. 6486 are as follows.

(I) Numbered List Act No. 46486 (II) Numbered List Act No. 56486 (III) Numbered List Act No. 66486
Afyon Adıyaman Ağrı
Amasya Aksaray Ardahan
Artvin Bayburt Batman
Bartın Çankırı Bingöl
Çorum Erzurum Bitlis
Düzce Gümüşhane Diyarbakır
Elazığ Giresun Hakkâri
Erzincan Kahramanmaraş Iğdır
Hatay Kilis Kars
Karaman Niğde Mardin
Kastamonu Ordu Muş
Kırıkkale Osmaniye Siirt
Kırşehir Sinop Şanlıurfa
Kütahya Tokat Şırnak
Malatya Tunceli Van
Nevşehir Yozgat Bozcaada İlçesi
Rize Gökçeada İlçesi

Who Can Benefit from The Regional Discount Incentive No. 6486?

Employers in the cities mentioned above can benefit from the regional discount incentive No. 6486. No discounts and incentives can be applied to the regions other than these. In addition, the conditions that employers and workers must have can be listed as follows.

  • The employer who wants to take advantage of the regional discount incentive No. 6486 must not have received government incentives for investments.
  • The worker who wants to take advantage of the regional discount incentive No. 6486 must not be working in a job received by state and public tender.
  • Employers and workers who want to benefit from the incentive should not owe SSI one of the conditions.
  • Retired workers cannot benefit from incentives.
  • The employer must submit the payment of monthly premiums and service documents to SSI within the period specified in the law. In addition, premiums must be paid regularly.
  • The employer should have no administrative fines and debts.
  • The employer must not employ uninsured workers that are unregistered. When it is understood that uninsured workers are employed after the incentive is given, there may be high penalties.

This post is also available in: Türkçe (Turkish) English

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