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Additional Employment Incentive No. 7103

The additional employment incentive No. 7103 is one of the important supports that will help reduce unemployment and make employers more willing to employ new workers.

They are the incentives that play the most important role in keeping unemployment at the desired level in our country in the recent period and increasing employment opportunities for more workers to have jobs. From time to time The Employment Agency also from time to time, the incentives offered by the SSI workers and employers make arrangements to smile. In this context, one of the most notable incentives of the last period is the additional employment incentive numbered 7103.

What Is Additional Employment Incentive No. 7103?

Provisional 19, which was added to Unemployment Insurance Law No. 4447 by Law No. 7103. article 7103 explains additional employment incentives in basic terms. In this sense, for employers and workers who want to benefit from the additional employment incentive scope numbered 7103, it will be sufficient to work in private sector with insurance between 01.01.2018 and 31.12.20220. However, a remarkable detail here is that the employee to be hired must be registered with Home the Employment Agency without going to work. It is emphasized that employers will receive premium support in SSI premiums to be paid for workers with these characteristics.

This incentive, which offers serious employment opportunities for employers, aims to enable workers to find jobs more easily. So, from the point of view of employers and workers, who can benefit from this incentive?

7103 Additional Employment Incentive Benefit Requirements

The conditions of use will be evaluated differently in the context of employers and workers according to the notification made by The Employment Agency. Therefore, it is essential that both employers and workers meet certain conditions. Those are the conditions.

Conditions of Benefit of Labour:

  • The worker must have been hired between 01.01.2018 and 31.12.20220,
  • The worker must be unemployed registered to The Employment Agency,
  • 4/1-a, b, c Annex-6 and Annex-9 for a total of more than 10 days within 3 months backwards from the dates of recruitment. the condition that they are not insured within the scope of the article is sought. It should be known that optional insurance is excluded here.

The Conditions to Benefit from The Direction of The Employer

  • Employer must operate in private sector,
  • The insured must be employed in addition to this average by finding the average number of registered insurers employed for 1 year backwards from the date of employment,
  • APHB should be given to The Employment Agency within legal periods,
  • Accrued insurance premiums must be paid on time,
  • There should be no overdue insurance premiums, unemployment insurance premiums, administrative fines and any delay penalty or delay increase for such payments,
  • Cases such as informal employment or non-employment of workers should not be identified,
  • A work must not be undertaken within the scope of the tender.

The employer may benefit from the additional employment incentive numbered 7103 if the above-mentioned employer and employee benefit requirements are met jointly.

Additional Employment Incentive Benefit Amount No. 7103

For employers, every incentive is seen as a contribution, but the amount of the incentive seriously affects the employer’s desire to employ workers. Therefore, the additional employment incentive benefit amount numbered 7103 is important.

According to the explanations stated in the law and made by The Employment Agency, the benefits of additional employment incentives numbered 7103 vary depending on the sector in which the employer operates.

If the employer has a workplace operating in the informatics or manufacturing sector, the amount that will be found after the multiplication of the daily gross minimum wage and the number of days after the premium payment days of the insured for the related period will be paid for all the insured payable amount up to 7.848 TL for each insured. Premiums and stamp and income tax amounting to 176,84 TL will be covered by the treasury.

In the event that the employer operates in other sectors, all premiums to be calculated over the lower earning base limit for each insured to be employed and the stamp and income tax amounting to 176.84 TL are covered by the treasury.

Time to Benefit from Additional Employment Incentive Number 7103

In respect of employers, the amount of support to be received within the scope of the additional employment incentive numbered 7103 is as important as the duration of this support. Because the continuity of this worker will be important if it is planned to recruit a worker who will perform important activities in the workflow. In this context, when we look at the support period, the benefit period of the additional employment incentive numbered 7103 for insured workers hired between 01.01.2018 and 31.12.20220 has been determined as 12 months. But the insured hired is male aged between 18 and 25; Women over the age of 18 or having disabilities registered to The Employment Agency contribute to the increase of the support period to 18 months.

Attention on additional employment promotion No. 7103

  • It is necessary to be very careful about the arrangements introduced for the Additional Employment Incentive No. 7103. In this sense, it is essential to consider the following issues while benefiting from the incentive.
  • The President is authorized to determine the enterprises that will benefit from the Additional Employment Incentive No. 7103 in the IT sector.
  • If incentives are received for an insured within the scope of Supplementary Employment Incentive No. 7103, it is not possible to benefit from other incentives and supports for the same insured.

This post is also available in: Türkçe (Turkish) English

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