Legal Warning

Legal Warning
The information on this website has been prepared solely for the purpose of providing general information about the topics of interest. The implementation of the law and its consequences can vary greatly depending on the relevant information and events. Due to the constant change of laws, rules and regulations and some risks inherent in electronic communication, the information on this site may cause delays, deficiencies or inaccuracies.

For this reason, the information and calculation tools on this site are provided assuming that authors and publishers do not engage in legal issues and other professional consultancy and service work. Therefore, these vehicles should not be used in a way to replace the interviews with professional consultants and other authorized consultants. You must consult a professional consultant before making any decision or taking action using the information on this site.

Maximum effort has been made to obtain information on this site from reliable sources. However, BORDROX cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies or omissions or consequences resulting from the use of this information. All information on this site is provided "as is" and, including, but not limited to, the guarantees regarding their performance when used for a particular purpose, their ability to be traded as a commercial commodity, and their suitability for a particular purpose. No explicit or implied warranties or guarantees are given as to the information provided or the consequences arising from the use of this information.

BORDROX and its related subsidiaries, companies, partners, representatives or employees are warned about any indirect damages arising from the use of this information (such damages and losses may arise from using this information) against you or any other party, based on the information on this site. does not take any responsibility even if it is found).

Via some links on this site, websites managed by third parties that BORDROX does not have any control or authority over are accessed. BORDROX makes no representations about, or warrants, encourages, or recommends the use of, any information or services provided or accessed through such sites.

BORDROX does not accept any responsibility with regard to the information and material published by third parties and does not directly or indirectly approve statements and opinions contained in the information published by such third parties. BORDROX reserves the right to remove information belonging to third parties that it deems inappropriate for any reason.

The user agrees to comply with the Turkish laws regarding the preparation, publishing and distribution of the information and publishes all responsibility for damages arising from violating the legal requirements of such information while publishing certain information using computer areas or other means created for this purpose and used with mutual interaction. The user undertakes not to post any reputational or illegal information in any way.

The following web link activities are explicitly prohibited by BORDROX, and may present copyright and trademark infringement issues:

Links containing unauthorized use of our logo,
Framing, inline links or metatags,
Link types that hide hyperlinks or resource finder (URL) and bypass the homepage.
(“BORDROX” means a direct or indirect subsidiary or affiliate of a BORDROX organization, or a network of BORDROX companies that are included in a network of separate and independent member companies that include companies operating under a business name that includes all or part of the BORDROX name, or within the worldwide network of BORDROX companies. refers to the company or companies that are located (or a company associated or affiliated with this network) or the correspondent company of this network. The terms "organization" or "organizations" used herein refer to partnerships, companies, companies and other businesses wherever they are located. ).


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