Integrated Processes

Integrated Processes

Organizations require some processes to respond their clients some expectations.

Process management in recent years is a current issue especially for organizations that intend to improve their performance. Process Management is one of the nine criteria contained in Business Excellence Model of the European Foundation for Quality Management. In addition, ISO 9000/2000 revision was prepared, based on process models significantly. Both of these reasons are inevitably have directed the organizations to process management.

Process management in some organizations is discussed as in accordance with the functional organizational structure for the purpose of continuous improvement of processes and discussed as a method of management.

Process management may be named as ‘’management of processes’’ when it is taken as systematic improvement of processes adhering to functional organization and may be named as ‘’management with processes’’ when it is taken as a method of management. With Process management; the traditional functional and hierarchical organizational structure varies, tasks and staff titles are reshapes by the processes.


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