Companies tend to ignore payroll audit procedures since they agree that personnel transactions and payroll processes held by themselves or outsourced are correct, and/or because they heed mutual relations based on trust. Therefore, it is never possible to exactly measure the losses on enterprises caused by the deficient or erroneous practices regarding personnel transactions and payroll preparation, and even those losses themselves and what they amount to cannot be known. Unless action is taken based on audits on the subject, over and/or under statements in your tax and SGK transactions, administrative fines, errors in concession and/or exemption practices, documentations based on payroll and personnel processes submitted or to be submitted to courts of labor, and several similar processes bring unnecessary financial burdens and prestige losses on corporations.

BORDROX audits all personnel transactions and payroll substructure of enterprises under full confidentiality terms with its multidimensional audit process. The detailed report arising from the audit is not only determination of the existing conditions and risks, but also involves appropriate solution suggestions for the enterprises.

Our experience shows that in most medium- and large-scale enterprises, the cost of deficient and erroneous procedures produced within the scope of human resources is incomparably higher than the amount and time spent for supervision of those procedures.

Therefore, if you think that there is no problem in your personnel and payroll transactions included within the scope of human resources, then you need us.

Therefore, we start our CHECK UP process by visiting you in relation with your Personal and Payroll processes, or upon your provision of the information asked within the framework of confidentiality rules. At the end of the process, we notify our detailed written reports and realize our presentation on the subject to you.

Checking in terms of compliance with the laws of the procedures by the Human Resources and/or Personnel departments of our customers is aimed, and deficiencies, if any, are reported to ensure their completion. With personnel specialized in their field, we provide SGK Compliance Audit service for implementation of the Code of Labor numbered 4857 the legislation passed under this law. Within the framework of the check-up, the workflow schemes of the companies are examined, and the process from personnel recruitment procedures until accounting records is audited.


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