Leave Process Management

Leave Process Management

According to article 53 of the Code of Labor numbered 4857, Employers should realize annual legal leave practice. However annual leaves have become a problem in all firms. The personnel always asks and comments like how many days of leave do I have left from my annual leave, or I am here in this firm for 15 years, so my leave is that number of days etc., and the process causes a serious problem between the employer and the worker afterwards.

BORDROX can manage this process via several methods. One of them is; the firm’s employee and personnel information and leaves left are entered first to our leave process system, and personnel based merits are calculated. Annual leaves are signed along with the annual leave form by the executives approved by the company and concerned personnel. Or an approval process is formed on the system, ensuring approval via e-signature method on software environment or displaying thereof. Because the leaves operate under integration with the system afterwards, they are included in the leave process system.

Authorizations are made to the users specified by your firm over the system ensuring follow-up and reporting of the leaves earned, used and remaining for the concerned personnel. Leaves printed out as hard copy or approved via e-signature method are archived in the personnel files and included in payroll calculations. Different variations are applicable for this process.

  • Classification in detail of types of leave requiring separate follow-up such as annual leave, unpaid leave, illness leave, maternity leave, marriage leave, etc.,
  • Realization of automatic transfer of the leaves desired to be reflected on the payroll such as paid and unpaid leave, overtime etc.,
  • Ability to form automatic entry to scoring transactions thanks to integration with personnel management,
  • Ability to transfer leaves, ability to form leave book automatically,
  • Ability to calculate the earned leaves using methods peculiar to the firm,
  • Ability to describe different leave group templates,
  • Via critical group control, ability of uninterrupted maintenance of the works of departments within the corporation,
  • Ability to define working hours and annual holidays on the business calendar,
  • In case of additional need to the conditions specified in the Code of Labor, formation of different leave group templates, and determination of the leave periods of the corporate employees in view of different criteria,
  • Ability of forming leave groups according to different criteria such as age and seniority in addition to the legal leave table and associating the same with each employee,
  • Ability to follow the earned and used leaves of the employees not only on annual basis but also retrospectively,
  • Ability to determine the number of leave days that leave groups determined with various criteria can transfer, and maximum limit of transfer,
  • Ability to subtract from the period taken into consideration in seniority/notice and leave calculations, the non-worked periods in case of long term unpaid leaves,
  • Ability to add earned extra leaves if desired in return for various activities such as working in official holidays or weekend work in addition to the normal days of leave,


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