On-the-Job Training Incentive

On-the-Job Training Incentive No. 6645

On-the-Job Training Incentive Number 6645; İŞKUR is one of the supported programs that came into force as one of the incentives to create employment for employers. Thanks to this incentive, which was brought with the aim of finding solutions to problems in the field of employment, it is aimed to allow more workers to work.

Reducing unemployment in Turkey and can be used in an efficient manner on behalf of the labor force has entered many incentives and support programs. Although these programs are basically accepted as a support to the employer, it actually reveals a win-win situation as it has positive aspects for both the worker and the employer. While aiming to maximize earnings through the On-the-Job Training Incentive No. 6645, it is ensured that people can work, albeit for a certain period of time. So what exactly does 6645 On-the-Job Training Incentive mean?

What is 6645 On-the-Job Training Incentive?

6645 On-the-Job Training Incentive organized by İŞKUR and announced by the Social Security Institution's Circular No. 2016-1; It can be described as a system that İŞKUR encourages employers to recruit employees. Insurance of employees recruited by employers under certain conditions is paid by İŞKUR. In this way, it is possible for employers to employ workers without incurring extra expenses. This incentive, which was implemented with the aim of creating employment for İŞKUR registered unemployed people and enabling unemployed people to gain experience, is also advantageous in order to adapt to the work environment and put theoretical education into practice.

In order for the unemployed registered to İŞKUR to be recruited within the scope of the program in question, it is sufficient for them to find their workplaces themselves or to apply to workplaces that will take workers within the scope of the 6645 On-the-Job Training Incentive. It is possible for employers to benefit from the incentive if they apply for recruitment within the scope of the incentive and meet the conditions. So, what are the applications and other conditions in the on-the-job training program?

What is the duration of On-Job Training Incentive Number 6645?

In order to benefit from the on-the-job training program within the scope of İŞKUR, the priority condition that employers must apply is the term. More specifically, the employer can employ the worker he will hire within the context of On-the-Job Training Incentive No. 6645, with a maximum of 45 hours per week. The working time of the worker to be recruited within the scope of on-the-job training support affects in which sector the employer provides service. In this context;

• 6 months in Manufacturing, Energy and IT sectors

• In all other sectors, it is possible to benefit from the on-the-job training support program for 3 months.

Who Can Apply to On-the-Job Training Program?

There are certain criteria to benefit from the workers' side. A worker with the following criteria; Within the scope of the on-the-job training program, you can apply to a workplace that will take workers.

• Being registered with İŞKUR,

• Being over the age of 15,

• Not to retire,

• Not to be banned from benefiting from İŞKUR incentives,

• Being unemployed for the last 1 month

• Not working in the workplace that he will enter with the on-the-job training program for the last 3 months.

Who Can Benefit from the 6645 On-the-Job Training Incentive?

It is also very important for employers to benefit from this incentive program. However, it cannot be said that every employer can benefit from incentives. In this sense, employers must meet certain criteria.

In order to benefit from the incentive for employers, it is necessary to have at least 2 employees. Employers with 2-10 employees can employ 1 trainee, and those with more than 10 employees can employ up to 10% of the staff.

The absence of poor registration of employers, such as unregistered employment, and the absence of any delay in premium payments, is essential to benefit from the program. In addition, it can be said that employers who pay accrued premiums on time are advantageous. The last and perhaps the most important condition is that the employer has to run the number of trainees committed by the employer at the end of the program. So; The employer stating that he will employ 10 trainees at the time of application must have 5 trainees at the end of the program.

What Is The Salary Under The On-the-Job Training Program?

Within the scope of On-the-Job Training Incentive No. 6645, there are 3 different alternatives for the salary to be paid for a person who gets a job. Workers who are protected by Work Accident and Occupational Disease Insurance and General Health Insurance generally pay 77.70 TL. If the worker is a student, the daily amount is 58.27 TL. Finally, if the worker receives unemployment benefits, he receives 38.85 TL in addition to the unemployment benefit.

Unemployment benefits of those hired under the on-the-job training program are not cut. Workers withdraw their wages from Halkbank branches between the 10th and 20th days of each month. While calculating the wages to be deserved, the continuity of the worker is taken into consideration.There is no payment for missing days in the attendance.

Documents Required for On-the-Job Training Program Application

When you want to benefit from the on-the-job training program as an employer, you are requested to prepare the documents below and deliver them to İŞKUR.

• Request Petition,

Employer Commitment,

• Pre-Claim Form,

• Trade Registry Gazette, Activity Document and Tax Sign

• Insurance service list in the last 3 months

• Signature circular of the company officer

After the related documents are delivered to İŞKUR, necessary examinations are made. If the application is successful, a contract is signed between İŞKUR, the employer and the employee and the program is started.

Attention During On-the-Job Training Incentive Number 6645

Employer and workers have some responsibilities during the On-Job Training Incentive 6645, supported by İŞKUR. In order to fulfill these responsibilities and to prevent the program from being interrupted, it is essential to pay attention to the following issues;

• Documents prepared with portal number and occupational code from the beginning of the program should be signed on a monthly basis,

• Trainees within the scope of on-the-job training program can be employed for 6 days and not exceeding 45 hours a week. The trainee has the right to report for 5 days and the absence of absence, that is, 10% of the duration of the course. If these periods are exceeded, the trainee cannot continue the program.

• If the trainee resigns or other job related situations occur after the program has started, the Job and Vocational Counselor must be notified.

• In order to comply with İŞKUR's regular inspections, the documents must be filled and stored regularly.

• The attendance schedule should be sent to İŞKUR via the internet at the end of each month.

This incentive, which is beneficial in terms of employers and workers, aims to achieve a very serious saving.


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