Pay Slip Practices

Pay Slip Practices

By virtue of article 37 of the Code of Labor numbered 4857, the employer is obliged to notify a pay slip to the worker. It is absolutely necessary that such pay slip involves details and disclosed to and signed by the personnel in each salary payment. This process brings an unnecessary work load to employers. Considering the addition of a follow-up and control procedure, it becomes a legal process that is either not taken heed or cannot be applied by companies due to inadequate resources.

We have seen and know that due to this legal process, several firms have suffered heavy fines imposed by courts of labor, in SGK audits, or in the process. We ensure along with this legal responsibility that payroll envelopes are prepared in detail, disclosed to the concerned with a password and/or in a sealed envelope over mail, post or our web based system, and then that all are taken back with signatures and kept in the personnel files.


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