Personel File And Archive System

Personel File And Archive System

As specified in article 75 of the code of labor numbered 4857, – The employer issues a personnel file for each worker he employs. In this file, the Employer is obliged to keep, along with the identity information of the worker, all kinds of documents and records it is supposed to issue under this Law and other laws and to disclose them to the concerned officials and authorities when asked.

The Employer is liable to use the information it acquired on the worker in line with the rules of honesty and law, and not disclose information in confidentially of which a worker might rightfully bear interest.”

Examination of the text in question stipulates that the employers form personal files for all workers they may employ in their work places. Such personal file should involve the following; provided all documents and information are confidential to third persons:

  1. Worker’s identity information, Identity Card Copy,
  2. Worker’s identity information, Identity documents,
  3. Residence certificate,
  4. The diploma photocopy for the school he/she have graduated from
  5. Reference Letters and CV
  6. Labor Contract in accordance with the Law
  7. Medical Report,
  8. Report showing periodical medical examination for some branches of work,
  9. For handicapped workers, their original Handicap Report or photocopy,
  10. Letter from the concerned Revenue Administration Office to benefit from Handicap Discount,
  11. İŞKUR application registry documents for handicapped workers,
  12. Criminal record,
  13. İŞKUR application record for formerly convicted,
  14. İŞKUR application record documents if a terror victim,
  15. A copy of the pay slip regarding the paid wages, and Bankbook Photocopy,
  16. If wage deduction is applied for any legal reason, a letter notifying the reason of the deductions,
  17. Letter with the approval of the worker for longer work,
  18. Letter that they have been informed on the risks of workers about labor health and safety or the occupational risks they may face, necessary measures and their legal rights and liabilities,
  19. Work Certificate (for Workers Quitting the Job)
  20. Other documents required in view of the work,
  21. For the personnel employed in Heavy and Dangerous Works: There should be a list specifying the name, surname, Republic of Turkey Identity number, place and date of birth of workers.

We ensure that the concerned documents are requested in a process starting from recruitment procedures by Bordrox from the concerned personnel within the framework of our principles of confidentiality, prepared and archived completely. Besides, we ensure access by the authorized corporate user to the desired information and documents in software environment.


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