Joint Stock Company Establishment Procedures

The petition (signed by the related parties and the documents added to the petition are indicated.) Organization notification form T. C. 3 Contracts approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (Provincial Directorate of Industry and Trade) Declaration of signature put under the title (Notarized) Commitment (Trade Registry Office is provided from the document section) Of the four thousand of the capital, T.C. Bank receipt or EFT receipt indicating that Ziraat Bank has been deposited into the account number 53837615016 at Bilkent Plaza branch Illustrated ID cards of the founding partners (Muhtar or notary approved) If the same capital has been put on the court decision and the official institution letter indicating that there is no encumbrance, If the whole capital or ¼ has been paid, the document to be taken from the bank If there is a legal entity among the organizations, the decision to participate in the company to be established (Notarized) Foreign capital partner, legal person if the activity certificate and N.T. certified translation, If the foreigner is a common real person, a certified copy of his / her passport, Turkey? Residing at work and residence permits for foreign partners (the relevant authorities confirming) Notarized copy of the incentive certificate for investments with subsidies The original receipt of the deposit (deposited in the bank) The consent of the legal representative if there is no commoner Court decision on the appointment of trustees with parents who have not completed minorities and one of whom is a shareholder of the same company

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