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Payroll is our jobPayroll Services

Our expert labor law and social security consultants provide services for the solution of all questions and problems regarding legislation and practice.

Payroll Services

What Is Payroll Services? What Do We Promise with Payroll Services?

Within the scope of payroll services, we contribute to the construction of a sustainable system by showing the right approach to corporate needs and demands and providing the most appropriate solutions to your demands.

We follow the legal requirements that arise during the working period, especially the personal operations of the personnel working within your company, on the basis of trust and confidentiality. We eliminate all risks that may arise when regulating the relations of the businesses under the umbrella of your business with the SSI by taking responsibility on us.

We prepare the ground for the proper management decisions by performing the reporting which is impossible for the enterprises in a continuous and error-free manner. Moreover, we aim to perform not only the routine operations of your existing staff but also the most critical processes such as dismissal and recruitment in a quality way. We strive to eliminate all possible problems that your company may face in the recruitment and dismissal processes with our proactive perspective.

We accept and continue our work with this understanding that all the services we offer to you within the scope of payroll services should be maintained on a confidentiality basis.

What Does Payroll Services Include?

While we consider providing services that add value to your business our main priority, we help you meet the following opportunities in the context of payroll services.

  • Preparation of monthly payrolls from your business in accordance with the data; calculation of details such as allowance, deduction, insurance, net wage and tax and all reports on payrolls,
  • Delivery of monthly payrolls of personnel by hand or by e-mail,
  • Informing the Bank of the wages to be paid to the staff,
  • Preparation of accounting records and distribution of payroll expenses to cost centers previously determined by the institution,
  • Following the annual leave and sales premiums of the personnel and recording the annual leave books,
  • Preparation of SSI declaration and withholding declaration reports, realization of accrual transactions,
  • Completion of the opening procedures with the Tax Office, SSI and Labour directorates related to the new workplaces to be opened,
  • Maintaining correspondence and follow-up with official institutions,
  • Preparation of relevant documents for personnel recruitment and dismissal processes and submission to the competent authorities,
  • Details such as employee severance pay and notice compensation are carefully calculated and shared with human resources,
  • Preparation of personnel files of personnel and protection of these files within the framework of confidentiality.

Why Should I Get Payroll Services?

Payroll services refers to the important processes performed by the accounting departments of the enterprises in general terms. Although payroll service is generally perceived as monitoring of personnel-related transactions, it is also necessary to follow very vital issues, such as SSI incentives, legal changes and work permits, which are dealt with within the scope of the service.

When the workload in the accounting departments is taken into account, it is essential that the payroll service be maintained by managing it in a real sense, not by managing it. At this point, we promise to provide you with a professional perspective, and we offer you quality with our expert staff. We cover everything from personnel jobs to the most comprehensive accounting records and allow you to benefit from payroll after an error-free process.

What Kind of Payroll Services Are Available?

We are proving why we are one of the most preferred consulting firms because of the diversity we offer in the point of payroll service, while we consider contributing and creating value to the institutions we cooperate with as one of our greatest desires. You can also use the following payroll services with Bordrox.

  • Technical Payroll Service
  • Outsourcing Payroll Services
  • R & D Payroll Service
  • Sub-Employer Operations
  • SSI encouragement consultancy
  • Payroll consulting and auditing
  • PEO Services
  • Global Payroll Service

You can call us and we will add value to you!

Cost advantage

Your cost decreases productivity and performance increases.

Privacy and security

High-tech security and Privacy


All your reports are integrated.


Create schedule and we will fit with it.

This post is also available in: Türkçe (Turkish) English

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The number of payrolls

Payroll processes of approximately 200,000+ personnel per year are managed.


Number of countries

Services are provided to domestic and foreign customers in 12 different countries.



Provides important services in the sector for more than 10 years.


Incentive exemption

a total of 1,200,000 TL incentive exemption has been provided.

Office Center

Abdurrahman Nafiz Gürman Mah. General Ali Rıza Gürcan Cad. Merter Platform B Blok No:27 Kat:7 D:81 Güngören İstanbul Türkiye

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