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Professional employer organization Turkey (PEO)

What is Professional Employer Organization (PEO)?

Professional employer organization is a human resources service that is shaped according to the needs of the customers and the needs of the labor force. Professional Employer Organization, abbreviated as PEO, is an outsourcing service for small and medium-sized enterprises i.e. SMEs. Collaboration is made with the customers in terms of human resources consultancy, risk reduction, security, employer payroll services, tax return, health benefits, workers’ compensation, liability insurance, retirement tools, and compliance. Within the scope of the mentioned cooperation.

PEO presents payroll taxes together with their tax identification numbers and becomes registered employers for tax purposes.PEO provides businesses with services such as payroll operations, hiring, benefit management. Legally, employees are hired directly under the name of labor union or joint employment. This makes it much easier for employers in many situations, from social benefits to insurance. However, there may be some risks for employees hired through PEO.

Benefits of Professional Employer Organization

There are many benefits that Professional Employer Organization provides. In this respect, it is possible to list these benefits as follows.

  • Payroll calculations are provided in accordance with the regulations and all processes.
  • Workplace and employees in different cities are provided to enter into cooperation.
  • Support helps the employment team gain flexibility by obtaining external resources.
  • Customers ‘ business processes are carried out with a balanced budget and a single-point service definition.
  • Permanent staff services as well as the employment of new staff are provided.
  • Unlimited legal advice is provided regarding layoffs and new recruitment processes.
  • Consultancy service is provided in wage benefit management processes.
  • Systematic solutions are offered for issues such as employee expense management and employee leave tracking.
  • Support is provided for all needs and local regulations of companies serving in the national area.
  • Professional Employer Organization provides flexibility in administrative management.
  • In the scope of this service, research costs are minimized.
  • Fixed fees are reduced and businesses can make much more profit.
  • Outsourcing is controlled. In this respect, you do not risk encountering surprise costs in any way.

Turkey PEO Services

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