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Turkey Payroll Services

R & D Turkey payroll is a service that makes it possible for companies to turn to innovative approaches and thus sustain their assets in the present day when competition conditions are rising. We can mention the various benefits that the Research and Development payroll service offered under the Law No. 5746 on the promotion of research and development and design activities offers to companies.

R & D activities have a large share in the economic development of each country and business. Therefore, various discounts, incentives and financial support are provided in order to support R & D activities and to enable enterprises to become much stronger. Companies with R & D centers can also benefit from these discounts, financial support and incentives. So, what is the R & D center that companies should have in their bodies? Why is it necessary for businesses to benefit from R & D discounts and Research and Development payrolling services?

What is R & D Center?

The R & D center can be described as units which are organized as a separate unit within the operating structures of capital companies located within the borders of Turkey, which carry out research and development activities, employ R & D personnel and have R & D accumulation. At least 30 people are required to work in R & D centers. In summary, R & D payrolling and R & D incentives can benefit R & D centers and businesses that operate as technology centers. The presence of these centers in the enterprises, R & D and innovation spending for various R & D incentives are sufficient to benefit.

Supports contained in Law No. 5746 on Supporting Research, Development and Design Activities

The Law No. 5746 on the promotion of research and development and design activities includes various support and discounts for the benefit of companies. The said support and discounts can be explained as follows.

Research and Development Turkey Payroll Service Discount

Within the scope of the Law No. 5746 on the promotion of research and development and design activities, R & D and design centers can receive all of their expenditures for innovation and R & D services as a discount from the corporate tax base.

Income Tax and withholding incentive

Income tax withholding incentive is applied for the wages obtained by the employees working in the R & D centers of the enterprises and supporting these works. The incentive rate applied for the personnel with a doctorate is 95%. In this respect, we can express that many undergraduate and doctoral students are involved in the R & D processes of companies.

Insurance Premium Support

In accordance with the Law No. 5746 on the support of research and development and design activities, 50% discount is applied to the insurance premiums of R & D personnel. This portion is covered by the state.

Stamp Duty Exception

Enterprises are exempt from stamp duty under the Law No. 5746 on the promotion of research and development and design activities. To receive this support, the document is related to R & D and various innovation studies. No stamp duty exemption is applied for every document relating to the company.

Customs Duty Incentive

Under the Law No. 5746 on the promotion of research and development and design activities, all goods and products imported in line with the activities carried out by the enterprises are exempted from customs duty. In this context, businesses are provided with much higher profits.

Basic Sciences Support

Support from R & D personnel for those employed in the field of basic sciences. Part of the carousel fee that businesses pay to staff is covered by the ministerial budget. This can be explained as a support for firms to employ staff in the field of basic sciences.

Scope of R & D Turkey Payroll Service

Research and Development payroll service can be summarized as the preparation of R & D personnel payroll. Accordingly, we can explain the R & D personnel payroll preparation service as follows.

  • Calculation of personnel; personnel attendance Control System data, annual leave rights, incentive times, working data, SSI and Income Tax days,
  • Calculation and reporting of R & D personnel with 3-month periods for R & D centers and design centers that are legally required,
  • Preparation of payrolls of business personnel according to rating data,
  • Accurate calculation of incentives and supports related to R & D and other issues during payroll preparation process,
  • Calculation of monthly salaries of employees and follow up of debts of personnel,
  • Preparation of accounting receipts and sending them to the business or accounting department in excel format if requested,
  • General prepared and sent to the enterprise if necessary,
  • Preparation and delivery of necessary information and documents related to income withholding incentive within the scope of R & D,
  • Preparation of compensation fees of personnel and giving the necessary work certificate to the personnel leaving the job,
  • Realization of salary payments through the bank,
  • Additional payments to employees, calculation of additional deductions and realization of necessary social benefits,
  • Preparation of forms and reports requested from the enterprise,
  • Regular and on-day notifications of employees ‘ Turkish Employment Agency and SSI are provided within the scope of R & D payroll service.

This post is also available in: Türkçe (Turkish) English

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The number of payrolls

Payroll processes of approximately 200,000+ personnel per year are managed.


Number of countries

Services are provided to domestic and foreign customers in 12 different countries.



Provides important services in the sector for more than 10 years.


Incentive exemption

a total of 1,200,000 TL incentive exemption has been provided.

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