Payroll Consulting and Audit

Payroll Consulting and Audit

Payroll Service Consultancy and Audit

Payroll service consultancy and experience is one of the support services that companies receive in order to continue their activities in today's conditions where competition in the global area is increasing rapidly. With payroll service consultancy and experience, companies can get rid of unnecessary labor and time losses by making the highly complex business processes much more normal. It will be much more useful to deal with and explain payroll consultancy and payroll inspection services separately. So, what is payroll service consulting?

What is Payroll Service Consulting?

Payroll service consultancy is a service branch that enables companies to focus their personnel, human resources and administrative units on their main duties by minimizing the costs of companies in the system creation hardware processes. Addressing a sensitive and careful issue such as personnel wages and remuneration, payroll consulting service helps companies achieve a variety of savings both financially and morally.

Payroll Service Consultancy Scope

We can explain the scope of payroll consulting service as follows.

· Follow-up of personnel's entry and exit procedures,

· Performing all payroll procedures required by companies,

· Organizing and controlling the personal files of the personnel,

· Checking the salaries of the personnel and following the necessary enforcement or foreclosures,

· Preparing the bank files of the staff in the order they should be and presenting them to the bank,

Preparation of payroll delivery,

· Preparation of reports requested by the financial affairs department of the company,

· Automatic BES transactions,

· Preparing the declarations of all the premiums of the personnel and processing these premiums to the SSI system,

· Monitoring and regular follow-up of SGK reports to the system,

· Making SGK workplace opening and closing operations,

· Notification of accidents occurring in the workplace to the required places,

· Annual leave tracking and calculations of the staff,

· Realization of the personnel's permissions on a person basis,

· In case of return to work, calculating the outcome of the case and making an additional-cancellation notification,

· Presentation of personnel payrolls electronically and in print,

· Preparation of visa documents of the personnel who will go abroad due to education and work,

Preparation of the company's cost reports,

· Preparation of special reports such as annual leave reports, seniority loads

· Preparing İş-Kur documents and notifying İş-Kur,

Preparation of staff compensation and release,

Benefits of Payroll Services

Payroll services have several benefits for companies. We can explain these benefits as follows.

· All costs related to payroll, such as training and software programs, are eliminated.

· The staff in the company focus on their core business and achieve high efficiency.

· Thanks to the support of the external payroll service, payroll services are performed faster with a broader range of technological possibilities.

· It is more reliable than payroll services in businesses.

All data related to employees can be recorded.

· All transactions related to payroll and employee are prepared on the right time schedule when necessary. In this way, no problems or disruptions occur in payroll and personal transactions.

What is Payroll Control?

Payroll auditing is a service that is used when companies request the auditing of the payroll operations they perform within their organization or by purchasing an external service. Within the scope of payroll auditing, it is checked whether the works, personal transactions and payroll processes related to payroll service in the company are performed correctly. Because the wrong payroll services in companies can cause financial and moral damage to the company. For example, if the compensation of a staff is miscalculated and the staff is miscalculated, it will cause you a great loss. In addition, the absence of the necessary information on the payroll will cause damage. Therefore, personal and payroll processes must be carried out in a complete and error-free manner. However, considering that managers do not have experience and knowledge in this regard, it becomes inevitable to get professional support for auditing.

With the audit regarding the payrolling processes, the faulty or incomplete transactions of the companies are determined and the said transactions are made correct. In this way, businesses can return from a great loss.

Payroll Audit Process

In the event of payroll inspection service, payroll inspection process proceeds as follows.

1. The company transmits all payroll data to our company.

2. Thanks to the special payroll program used by our company, payroll calculations are performed accurately and error-free.

3. The payroll data calculated by both the company and our company are compared.

4. If a difference emerges as a result of the comparison, the difference is questioned individually on a per person basis.

5. Necessary reports are made to the company in order to eliminate the detected errors and make them correct.

Benefits of Payroll Control

We can summarize the benefits you will get with payroll control as follows.

• Whether staff hires and exits are made on time,

• There are missing documents in the personnel personal files,

• Whether the monthly insurance premiums of the employees are paid regularly,

• Workplace hazard ratings

• You will have information about issues such as whether payrolls are made in accordance with SGK and legislation. If there is any problem, you can easily solve the problem.


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