On-the-job training program

On-the-job training program

To materialize the optimal company type for you determined as a result of mutual negotiations of our experts with you, company establishment stage shall be started having prepared necessary documents.

Our specialized team, in all this process, completes the following establishment process for you.


  1. Determination of the needed company type,
  2. Determination of the Partnership and Capital structure,
  3. Determination and control of the title,
  4. Preparation of the articles of association,
  5. Notary procedures,
  6. Chamber of Commerce procedures,
  7. Follow-up of registry and proclamation,
  8. Approval of the legal books,
  9. Tax office transactions,
  10. SGK procedures,


Liquidation means as a word, purification, cleaning, settlement of account (in Turkish). Liquidation is closing of all accounts of a company whose activity has been ended for any reason. Limited companies come to an end upon occurrence of the cases included in the law and articles of association, or a decision of the partners board. In the event that incorporations are liquidated due to a reason other than bankruptcy, such case is registered and proclaimed in the trade registry by the partners board. The date of registration of liquidation with the trade registry is the date on which liquidation starts. The liquidation process starts upon occurrence of the annulment or dissolution, and continues until erasure of the company record from the trade registry upon completion of the liquidation procedures. The legal entity comes to an end pursuant to the liquidation transactions upon deletion of its record from the trade registry.

  • A Limited Company comes to an end upon materialization of one of the following reasons;
  • Expiry of the company period if specified in the articles of association,
  • In case of failure by the partners board to reach a decision on settlement with the remaining part or completion of the decreased part of the capital despite a reduction of two thirds in the company capital,
  • A decision on bankruptcy of the company,
  • Merger of a company with another,
  • Requesting annulment of the company with a court decision,
  • Reaching of the company target, or impossibility of its reaching,
  • An increase in the number of partners to above 50
  • A decision by the partners board on liquidation of the company, puts the company into the liquidation stage.

With the New Turkish Commercial Code numbered 6102, liquidation procedures toward Joint Stock Companies have been arranged between articles 539-548.


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