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What Are Social Security Incentives? Who Can Benefit?

Social Security Institution incentives; It is a kind of support given at certain rates in return for employers to contribute to employment and employ more workers. Social security incentives, which can be considered both in terms of decreasing unemployment rate and increasing social welfare, have come into force with different incentive laws and continue to be offered as a support to employers who meet the conditions.

It can be mentioned that there are many Social Security Institution incentives that employers can benefit as of 2020. We will try to explain and recognize the most popular and popular SGK incentives on our page.

SSI Incentives and Types

With SSI incentives issued in different time periods, employers are aimed to employ more workers, while the state is known to finance these incentives through different funds. It is possible to list the most popular SSI incentives, which are expected to lead to serious declines in the unemployment rate in the long term, as follows.

• 6645 On-the-Job Training Program Incentive

• Youth Employment Incentive No. 6111

• Additional Employment Incentive Number 7103

• Employment Unemployment No. 15921

• R&D Incentive No. 5746

• 16322/25510 Investment Document Incentive

• Social Support Incentive Number 6704

• Vocational Qualification Incentive Number 5544

• Regional Discount Incentive No. 6486

• 14857 Numbered Disability Employment Promotion

Popular Social Security Incentives

6111 Additional Employment Incentive

When the incentives provided by the Social Security Institution to employers are considered, the first thing that comes to mind is the 6111 Additional Employment Incentive. Within the scope of this incentive, which was accepted and put into effect on 13.02.2011, it was aimed to increase the participation in the labor force, especially women and young people, to gain an increase in employment rates, to support new employment opportunities, and to contribute to increasing quality and efficiency. The main purpose of the incentive implemented by the SSI is to support the part of the SSI premiums that fall on the employer's share from the unemployment fund.

Incentive numbered 6111, which entered into force in 2011; It will continue until 31.12.2020. Within the scope of an arrangement issued in 2018, the right to benefit from backward incentives has also been introduced, thus a serious expansion has been observed within the scope of 6111 Additional Employment Incentive.

Decree No: 687

Having entered our lives after the coup attempt in 2016, OHAL brought various changes and regulations. 6111 Additional Employment Incentive can also be considered as an incentive that appears as a glimmer of hope for workers and employers under the state of emergency. Within the scope of this incentive, which came into force in 2017, it is aimed to give various discounts and exemptions to the employers who have started an unemployed worker for 3 months. Employers, who will be entitled to a discount in SSI premiums for each employee who meets the conditions, will also be entitled to a tax deduction and gain a 2-sided gain.

5510 SSI Incentive and 5 Points Premium Discount

Another of the incentives, which is one of the most important factors that regulate Turkish working life, is the 5-point discount right granted to employers in accordance with the law no 5510. The reduction resulting from law 5510, which is seen as a very serious incentive for employers to contribute to employment; It aims to make a 5-point discount on disability, old-age and death insurances paid for private sector employees. These Social Security Incentives, which contribute to reducing employer costs and not seeing workers as a burden, are very useful in the long run.

Who are the SSI Incentives for?

Social Security Institution; Under the heading of incentives and supports, it aims to increase the employment rate by making arrangements to protect both the worker and the employer. Although the incentives given at this point lead the employer to employ workers, the main purpose here is to prevent the workers from becoming unemployed. If you are an employer employing workers in the private sector, you should examine what you can benefit from within the scope of SSI incentives. By making use of discounts and exemptions for additional employment, you can have a serious advantage in ensuring the work flow.

Let's take a closer look at what the SSI incentives offer, which have very serious advantages for both employers and workers!

Social Security Institution Incentives and Advantages

SSI incentives, which are referred to under various numbers, especially 6111, 687 and 5510, come to the fore with the following advantages;

• By reducing employer costs by employers, workers are removed from the burden,

• Thanks to the incentives, more workers are employed and serious decreases in unemployment rates are achieved,

• With the efficient use of unemployment fund and treasury funds, new employment areas are created,

• Workers who have the opportunity to find a job within the scope of incentives and supports will have the chance to gain experience.

• Solutions are developed to support the work flow of employers who want to employ workers but fail to do so due to costs,

Thanks to the above advantages and much more, you can immediately examine how you can benefit from these incentives to achieve a serious improvement in your business.


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