Social Security Incentives

Social Security Incentives

In the field of financial counseling, BORDROX provides services in the subjects of financial, audit and management subjects for timely provision of accounting services and related legal procedures for local and foreign companies by reliable and specialized persons. Your financial analyses and reporting processes are within the scope of our counseling.

  • Management Counseling
  • Company Counseling
  • Organization and Reorganization of Operating, Finance, Accounting Management and Cost Accounting Systems,
  • Establishment of accounting systems
  • Accounting audit services
  • Notification and audits of tax statements
  • Audit of social security statements
  • End-of-the-period closing procedures
  • Stock Management
  • Preparation and audit of financial statements
  • Audit of fixed asset and depreciation records
  • Inflation adjustment transactions
  • Non-constant statement services due to incidental income, value increase income and other income factors
  • Establishment of local and foreign-capital companies
  • Concession, R&D, Investment and Loan Counseling
  • Financial Analyzes and Reporting
  • Turkish and Foreign company establishment, transfer and merger transactions
  • Liaison office incorporation procedures


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