Today, the interest of foreign investors in Turkey has increased. As first step, some of these investors prefer establishment of a liaison office, and get knowledgeable on the dynamics of the market before they start commercial activities.

Our service team provides guidance in all of the process starting from the stage of establishment. Monitoring and checking burden of our customers in relation with compliance with laws, reporting and payroll processes is mitigated with the support resulting from our services.

While some tax advantages are provided liaison offices, there are reporting standards and compliance with legislation requirements for such offices.

Our specialized team experienced in its field is ready to meet your needs in the field.

  • Tax Office and Social Security,
  • Ministry of Economy Concession Practice and Foreign Capital General Directorate,
  • Opening and closing procedures,
  • Preparation and disclosure of monthly tax statement,
  • Preparation of payrolls and e-statements of the social security organization,
  • Constant information flow ensuring getting up-to-date on innovation and requirements,
  • Annual/semiannual reportings,
  • License extension applications,
  • Regular updates on legislation amendments,


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