According to the Social Security Act, all foreign workers working in our country are subject to mandatory short-term insurance branches. Only those who have social security agreements between our country and country are subject to all insurance branches.

According to this, employer employing foreign workers in our country shall pay premiums and declare to the institution subject to all insurance branches if there is a social security contract between the country of work of the employee and our country and shall give the period payroll. If a foreign worker is a citizen of a country without a statutory statute, an immigrant or a social security agreement between his country and our country, they will only be subject to mandatory short-term insurance branches. Premiums of occupational diseases, diseases of sickness and maternity insurance shall be cut and declared to the institution with monthly premium declarations and premiums related to these branches shall be paid. The insured persons of this nature may only apply to the Social Security Institution in written form and ask them to be subject to disability, old age and death insurance. In this case, they are subject to long-term insurance branches starting from the beginning of the written request. Employers are obliged to fulfill their demands. It is impossible for them to reject their request. It is obliged to pay the premiums and pay the period payrolls by subjecting them to all insurance branches like the other insured.

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