Premium incentive provided by Article 50 of Law No. 4447 (related to those who receive incapacity allowance)
(SGK circular no: 4/12/2009 dated 2009-149)
The incentive for the employment of the insured persons receiving unemployment benefit has been implemented as of 1/10/2009 and to be able to benefit from such incentives;

The insured should be hired on 01/10/2009 or later,
To be entitled to unemployment benefit as of the date of employment,
In addition to the average number of insured persons reported in the monthly premium and service documents in the last six months starting from the month prior to the hiring date,
The insured, who has been entitled to receive unemployment benefits, must have begun work at a workplace other than the one he worked for last before he was entitled to receive unemployment benefit.
This incentive covers only the premiums accrued on the basis of earnings based on the premium. In accordance with this Incentive, 1 point of short-term insurance premiums premium, all of the old age and death insurance premium, and the general health insurance premium are all covered by the Unemployment Insurance Fund.
The employment of unregistered workers does not affect the implementation of this incentive. The APHB type should be notified to the system by selecting the 1591 law number. Employers who benefit from this incentive cannot benefit from other incentives. The subject of the tender is not covered.
Employers should apply to the SSI personally with the document showing the date of the right to be entitled to the insured.

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